Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rare Vinnie Vincent Invasion Interview 7/30/88

This is a rare interview with Mark Slaughter and Vinnie Vincent 5 days before they broke up and went separate ways.
It was recorded in Raleigh North Carolina on 7/30/1988. LA Guns had just left the tour after having it out with Vinnie.
The interview starts out with just Mark as Vinnie is out handling "legal matters" but shows up about 10 min into it. (Probably talking to his lawyer about how to fire everyone.)

This might very well be the very last VVI interview given before breaking up.



This flier is from the night after Raleigh in which I saw VVI in Charlotte NC. VVI played a full set with extended solo from Vinnie. After the last encore Vinnie went to the bus and the rest of the band played Lick It Up. Dana Strum was given a demo tape in the parking lot from a local band called White Heat. Dana was unable to secure them a recording contract but Jon Bon Jovi did. The next year they changed their name to Firehouse and had platinum success.

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